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Netscape Browser Download  For Windows

Netscape browser provides more security options, streamlines more standard browsing task and more better work with excellent search results and arms intent users with more time-saving to their browsing needs.

Security Center: Quickly view the status of security protection provide by the Netscape Browser will automatically let you know when their is a problem and when not.
Spyware And Ad-ware Protection

The Netscape provide real time Spyware scanning when you download files from the web. You may also run memory and disk scan for new spyware protection and prevention.

Real-Time Feeds: The Netscape Browser takes the mystery out of real Simple Syndication.
Profiles: Create more than one profile to keep you bookmarks using Netscape browser.

Ta-bed browsing: Netscape lets you have multiple web pages open in one window. This feature is great for organizing and freeing up desktop space because it files your web pages in a series of tabs.

Site Control: The new Netscape Browser gives you more ways to make your browser faster and secure.

Technical View:

Title:                            Netscape  Latest Version  For Windows
File name                     NETSCAPE_6.7.exe
Language                     en-US
Licence                        Freeware
Author                         Netscape Software




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