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Facebook Pro

     is an application which letting you use your favorite social network without a browser. Facebook pro doesn't require any installation and there are no option for that so don't be confuse.

After launching Facebook Pro the application will immediately load your Facebook homepage. By logging in we read our wall, send private messages, update our status, and we can also change our settings among other different Facebook functions.

An Icon on the task bar:

The icon of Facebook Pro is pinned to the Windows task bar. With the help of that icon you can easily access Facebook even if you classic browsers aren't open.

If you always want Facebook at hand and easily accessible from the task bar, then Facebook Pro is the program for you. This is the one way through which you can access easily your social profile. You can remain in touch with your family, friends and classmates using Facebook Pro application with out using browser software or any other program.


Facebook Pro

The software is just a window that launches the social network, and nothing else or nothing more then this. In addition it use a lot of resources during the test, it occupied about 130MB of RAM, which is too much for such lmited application

Instant access to Facebook without a browser
No installation required
Manage Facebook from system try

Technical View:

Title:                            Facebook Pro For Windows
File name                    facebook-pro.exe
Language                     en-US
Licence                       Free Ware
Author                        Facebook


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  1. Delicious App... Thanks for the easiest download able enviornment


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