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Viber works in a similar way like Skype it allows us to make free calls and send text messages from our Windows-Phone device to anyone who already has the app installed. Because it works like Skype, using COIP to let you talk for free to other VIBER users over 3G or WiFi. Viber also supports free text messages,
 like Whats App Messenger, allowing you to send and receive short message from your Viber friends. There are so many features within the chat interface of Viber that help us and make our conversation more enjoyable.

Unlike Skype we don't need to sign up to the viber to use it for conversation. We just register our phone number once,and we will receive a message with a code. Now enter this code into Viber and enjoy the app and we will never need to sign in again. Also all of our phone contacts are automatically imported into this app.

Technical View:

Title:                            Viber For Windows-Phone
File name           
Language                     en-US
Licence                        Free ware
Author                        Viber Media


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