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Adobe Media Player is a next-generation new desktop media player, it providing high-quality video, audio playback of streamed, downloaded or locally steered video content. By using the simple and intuitive interface of Adobe Media Player, you can subscribe and watch online video audio content with other viewers.

You can also perform the following tasks by using Adobe Media Player:

  • Find and watch audio, video content.
  • Manage your video, audio content library, favorites, including videos previously saved to your computer.
  • Add show to your list of my Favorites. Adobe Media Player automatically queues up new episodes from your and mine favorite show.
  • Manage your user option and preference.
  • Share a feed of your favorite episodes with your friends.

Technical View:

Title:                           Adobe Media Player 2014 
File name                     adobe_media_player_2014_.exe
Language                     en-US
Licence                        Open Source
Author                        Freeware



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