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Temple Run:

                        is a great example of what to do with a second entry into an arcade series.it is very beautiful game The goal of this film is to entertains the users and put a enjoyable environment for users Now Temple Run is very popular game among all the operating systems because due to the demand of local users due to high quality and beauty of game.

Imangia Studios' sequel, Temple Run 

                adds a lot of higher quality graphics and effects. The stages look and feel bigger plus there is more variety in the all levels as you progress. Controls in Temple Run  are the same like Temple Rn. You tilt to move horizontally, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide.
There is some input detection issues with Temple Run  though. Occasionally when swiping to jump or slide, the game didn't register and crashed into tree or wall.Temple Run  added additional features and it provide a beautiful and erotic environment. Now temple Run is available for Android, iPhone, Mac, windows phone .
Temple Run  also has power-ups and unlock able content that can be bought with coins rearmed in the game, or you can purchase currency with micro transactions. temple Run 2 does not really force purchases, but taking the easy way out by buying a pack of coins in tempting.

It is beautiful game If you enjoyed Temple Run, then I telling you guys Temple Run  is going to eat all your free time..
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Technical View:

Title:                            Temple Run  For Android 2014
File name                     temple_.exe
Language                     en-US
Licence                        Freeware
Author                         Android OS




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